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    I been shooting since 2001 in the Medical field. In the last few years I been doing more and more freelance work. I also been shooting Digital Media since 2001. I am not the well known photographer out there, but the honest one that goes above and beyond to make your moments count. Lot of ways I do things are not typical by many mainstream photographers. I never post customer pictures online or social media. Unless I am asked to.. I handle wide range of budgets and work with clients on payments. I have some great connections for second photographers in WNY area, and personally have worked with a few. I always never over book events, to insure I have time to clean and prepare equipment and have editing time for turn around time. I have great ability to capture wide range of styles of photography. I also show up early, and leave when the last people are leaving to make sure I can capture everything.

Robert L Kraus Photography

Based in Sanborn, NY

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Do we offer special techniques such as hand-coloring or toning?

When will you get the final album?
Depends on vender, I do have them mailed to me to proof them before clients receive them..

What kind of albums do we offer?
I work with many venders to customize packages to clients needs..

Will images be available for viewing online?
I can offer this with password protected site.

Do we provide the digital files and/or negatives (or copies of the negatives) to the client?
Digital Copies in Jpeg format DVD or Blu-ray or Protected online site.

Do we reserve the right to publish the photos?
I will not post online any clients photo\\\\\\\'s or Video\\\\\\\'s with out written photo release of images..

Do we retain the copyright for the photos?
I have Watermark attached on all photo\\\\\\\'s for clients protections. I am open to doing joint watermark for clients. But clients have only written permission of copyright use, as long as watermark remains on photo\\\\\\\'s.

How long can you keep the proofs?
All Digital copies are stored triplicates (Blu-Ray, Server, External HD). Proofs will be sent

In what format are the initial proofs offered?
All Digital copies are done in Jpeg only. If clients wants or needs RAW There will be charge for images, processing fee, storage fee (Hard Drive or USB Drive supplied by me).

How soon after the event are the proofs ready for viewing?
Depends on event wedding can take between 3-5 days to be on safe side, try to get editing done before then if I can..

Do we charge for travel?
Depends on package, distance, and if I need to stay over night. I also offer destination packages with very good discounts for multi-days to off set travel fees..

What is our policy on taking breaks?
I leave it up to the clients on meals provided. I just ask to be made aware before event, so I can make arrangements for a meal. As far as breaks I don\\\\\\\'t have open policy for me, but second shooters I do.. I try to take few minutes from time to time, to check equipment and take a quick breather when there is time..

Are we available to shoot extra hours? If yes, how much do we charge for extra hours?

Do we charge hourly or full day?
I open to working deal for either hourly or daily..

What kind of equipment do we typically bring with you on the day-of?
2-3 Cameras, plenty of batteries, handful of lens, lights, flashes, several 4x6 portable printers, laptop, iPad, Rapid Chargers, 4-6 Tripods and maybe few Go-Pro cameras, 2 x Video Cameras if needed, V-360 Deg video Camera..

Do we bring back-up equipment to the event in case of malfunction?
Always, and use Full Frame Nikon with Dual Memory Cards..

Do we sometimes book ourself for more than one event in a day? Weekend?
If I am doing wedding rather not book more then one event over the weekend. Smaller shoots I have done few, leaving time for clients to view rough photo\\\\\\\'s..

How many photographers do we have on the team?
I have connections with large range of photographers..

What is our media preference?
Full Frame Digital

Do we have experience shooting in various lighting situations?

Do we offer special techniques such as hand-coloring or toning?

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