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    I remember with a nostalgia for a time when I, as a child, sat on my mother\\\\\\\'s lap to see old photographs of the family. It was through these images that I saw the street where I lived after I was born. I saw how beautiful my mother was in her teens, and my father, still young, full of life. It was through these same pictures that I could bring to mind so many things that I did not even remember having lived. I became a photographer because I believe that one of the most beautiful feelings that exists is nostalgia. She has an incredible power to fill a heart with joy. I chose the photograph because I see how important it is to leave an affective record of one\\\\\\\'s own history, family and ancestors. This is one of the greatest legacies one can leave to future generations. By realizing this I started to search to register people with truth, beauty and detachment. I try to capture the personal values ​​of each person, whether she is alone, with her partner or with the whole family. The goal is always to get a record where emotion and truth are present. That\\\\\\\'s the essence that inspires the photos I make. My name is Paulo Ellias, I am Adriana\\\\\\\'s husband and Lorenzo\\\\\\\'s father. After I got married and my son was born, the feeling that I had for the family intensified, and with that, the passion for photography became even stronger. Photographing a family is a great honor. The photography professional is given the confidence to share, record and tell the story of the most important moments of the family. As a family and marriage documentary photographer, my goal is always to create images that make people feel the emotion once again in that special moment. More than a souvenir, photography allows you to relive ... If I had to summarize what I do in the best way, it would be: I believe it is important to leave an affective record of one\\\\\\\'s own history, family and ancestors. That is why, with love, beauty and truth, I want to be able to transform your best emotions into images.

Paulo Ellias

Based in Cabo Frio Rj, AL

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Do we offer special techniques such as hand-coloring or toning?

When will you get the final album?
depende do tempo de aprovação do cliente. Apos aprovado, em média 30 a 45 dias

What kind of albums do we offer?
Encadernados de alta qualidade

Will images be available for viewing online?

Do we provide the digital files and/or negatives (or copies of the negatives) to the client?
Digitais com tratamento

Do we reserve the right to publish the photos?

Do we retain the copyright for the photos?

How long can you keep the proofs?
90 dias

In what format are the initial proofs offered?
Galeria On LIne

How soon after the event are the proofs ready for viewing?
15 dias

Do we charge for travel?
sim. só as despesas

What is our policy on taking breaks?
uma apusa de 20 a 30 minutos para descanso. refeição fornecidida pelo cliente

Are we available to shoot extra hours? If yes, how much do we charge for extra hours?
não cobro horas extras, pois fico até o fim

Do we charge hourly or full day?
dia inteiro

What kind of equipment do we typically bring with you on the day-of?
Camera profissional + lentes + luz

Do we bring back-up equipment to the event in case of malfunction?

Do we sometimes book ourself for more than one event in a day? Weekend?

How many photographers do we have on the team?
em 1, 2 ou 3

What is our media preference?

Do we have experience shooting in various lighting situations?

Do we offer special techniques such as hand-coloring or toning?

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